A Evaluation On the Canon Printer Common Error Codes

Canon Printer Common Error Codes appear on the screen while printing the documents. There are several kinds of printer Errors shows on the screen so that you can solve them immediately. A printer scanner can scan the records, and a high-resolution scanner utilizes for high-resolution printing. When we use it daily, sometimes electronic devices showing errors while printing the documents lead to the printer not working. When a printer faces a problem while printing a document, it usually flashes a particular error code with a number or something unique so you can recognize it.

Canon Printer Common Error Codes

The printer pause situation comes the paper jammed in the printer, and when ink is overflowing from refill. Printer help in print out documents, scan and fax the images. Here are some standard error codes of canon printer that we are usually facing in the canon printer while printing out copies.


Every code that appears on your computer screen has a particular cause to it. They commonly appear codes of a canon printer are as follows:-

• Code E13:- This code appears when your ink cartridge has moved out of the refill. In this case, change the empty ink cartridge and then close the paper output cover.

• Code U162 and U163:- This code shows that your printer is showing to change the empty Cartridge. If this error code appears after inserting a new ink cartridge, you can sort out the issue in the canon printer by tapping and grabbing the stop/ reset/resume button for about 10 seconds. This will send a message to your printer that you are knowledgeable about the problem and still wishing to proceed with the printing procedure. However, you will able to move naturally with the printing procedure.

• Code E16:- So this Error indicates that your Cartridge is moving out of ink. In this case, change the empty Cartridge and then close the paper output cover.

• Code 1686:- This code indicates that the Cartridge in your printer has run out, and you can sort out this problem by changing the empty Cartridge.

• Code E04:- This error flash indicates that the FINE cartridge installation id is not accurate. You can disconnect the Cartridge by retracting the output tray extension before you open the cover. After detaching the Cartridge, you can reinstall it. Now close the cover head of the printer before you begin the printing procedure.

• Code E05: This Error Indicates that the orange light in the printer is to blink five times. It is due to when the printer head is not installed at all or if it is installed inappropriately.

• Code E14: This Error Code Indicates that the orange light’s blinking is for 14 times. The exact way to sort out this error by getting a cartridge, which will maintain the printer.

• Code 1487: This Error is usually seen when the ink cartridge is installed in the incorrect place. Sort out this issue is very uncomplicated. Just detach the Cartridge and locate it back into the printer exclusively in the exact position.

• Code E07:- This error indicates that the FINE Cartridge is installed the wrong way, then this error appears on the screen. The FINE Cartridge usually is a tri-color cartridge that is used in your canon printer. You can sort out this issue by disconnecting the Cartridge and reinstalling the Cartridge.

So, all these above methods surely help you out. “An Evaluation On the Canon Printer Common Error Codes.” In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly. We will help you out for sure.

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