How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 60.02 | Solutions

HP Printer Error Code 60.02 is an error that disrupts the printing process of the user. This printer error generates a barrier in printing work and creates lots of distractions. The printer error can appear at any point in time. It makes the user find complications in performing out the printing command. A printer scanner is the easiest way to use to save, secured, and protect documents. We all know that a printer plays an essential role for the users working in an office. Here in this article, we will explain why the HP Printer Error Code 60.02 and the solutions to Troubleshoot it.

HP Printer Error Code 60.02

Reasons for the HP Printer Error Code 60.02:-

HP Printer Error Code 60.02 is the issue occurring in the HP Printer. It makes significant difficulty for the printer to perform printing. This error occurs when there is a breakdown happening within the printing device. The failure can also occur due to the papers in the paper tray that are not properly settled down. It makes the printing device not being able to take out its printing functions.

Printer help in printing out documents and scan the images and paper also. A printer helps out to execute the printing commands in a better way. You might be a tap on the pause button, and after minutes later, you observe that something went wrong, so printer pause situation arises.

Instructions to Remove The HP Printer Error Code 60.02:-

It is essential to look out for the error occurring in the printer. The printer is not working correctly when the wrong command with false documents are placed in the printer. It can give the long life of the printer from getting cheap. So now let’s take some time and improve the printer so now following the below-mentioned procedure:-

Solution 1:-

• Firstly, the user will have to cancel all the print queues in the queue.

• After that, the user will have to switch off the printing device.

• Now, the user will have to pull out the papers lying down in the paper tray.

• The user will have to examine out the bits of paper to occur out within the device.

• Delicately take out the bits of paper from the sides of the printer.

• Take out all the papers that require to be putting back into the paper tray.

• Next, inspect the paper size that needs to be fit within the printing device.

• Now, lastly, take out a test print to scrutinize the error which has to disperse out from the printing device to go ahead with the printing task.

Solution 2:-

• First Step. Follow up this method by turning off the printing device.

• Now open the printer cover door.

• The user will have to examine the motor as it may occur up with the spring.

• Next, have a look into the vault and show up to be damaged.

• Take out the vault from the device that needs restoration.

• Change the new vault with the old one and then put it back into the machine.

• Once the vault will get connected, close up the printer cover door.

• Next step, switch on the device and wait for one minute and printing the machine to print the documents.

• Lastly, give a test print.

So, all these above steps surely help you out “How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 60.02“. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly. We will help you out for sure.

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