How To Fix HP Printer Paused Error | Solutions

HP Printer Paused Error it can handle manually give permits you to change any print command during working on the printer. HP Printer when not in use for a long time or when it stays not in use practically for a particular period, it stoppage the execution and it goes in offline mode, so when this error happens, it will show you printer not working smoothly. Printer error persists on the printer it will pause automatically you don’t even know what’s the problem inside. Printer pause situation arises when your printer in a pause mode because of many reasons like proper connectivity is not providing to the printer and computer system.

HP Printer Paused Error

So here are the below mentioned instructions you have to be performing well to fix the issue of HP Printer Paused Error and pursue your printing work properly without any complications.

There are many reasons for which your printer may face paused issues. Some of the reasons for this big trouble are paper jammed in the feeder, outdated print software and print spooler.

Methods to Fix HP Printer Paused Issue:

Method 1 :

HP Printer Paused Issue

1. You can examine the pause buttons is “Active” or not in the settings.

2. You can place the control panel on the front of your HP Printer. It is the portion of the printer case that has a pair of buttons on it.

3. Tap and press the “Pause” button. Now, your printer won be a pause in future anymore, so the printer pause situation is solved.

4. Afterwards, you have to follow the below-mentioned instructions to confirm the computer’s software is working accurately or not.

5. Let’s Open your Computers taskbar and double tap on the “HP Printer” symbol.

6. After that, the list of all documents you are needed to print will now show on your screen of either your laptop or computer system. So you can also printer scanner on your printer do scanning of the documents to scan and convert into digital mode.

7. Now, right tap on the screen that has an options listing of “Paused”.

8. Press on “Resume” so that it will make your printer do work again.

Method 2 :

1. Clear off the Pause Printing.

2. If you are functioning the windows desktop, then select the “Start” option and then choose “Settings” and then “Printers” option.

3. Now, Right Click on the Printer tab.

4. Select the “Pause Printing” or “work offline” option, if you can recognize then remove the checkmark from there.

5. Now again, print the document so you can check the printer error is there or not.

6. It is necessary to organize the Parallel Connections.

7. Switch off the printer or disconnect it from the network.

8. Connect your private computer or laptop with the help of parallel wires.

9. Now, Turn on the Printer.

HP Printer Paused Issue

10. After finishing all the above instructions, now recheck that your printer is now in working mode. Give a test print page.

The Main Reason behind the HP Printer Paused Error is while you are working from a laptop or using a network. When the printing commands go into the awaiting status, the printer is either in the mode of “Pause Printing” or “Work Offline” Mode.

So all these above methods surely help you out with “How To Fix HP Printer Paused Error”. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly, we will help you out for sure.

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