How To Resolve Brother Printer Error 46

According to the Brother Printer Error 46, is appears when something happened the “ink absorber pad” is full and needs to be changed. So when you changed or replaced it firstly, we have to solve the issue and try to fix it out with simple steps and implement it in sequence wise.

Brother Printer Error 46

In the Brother Printer Error 46 there are complications in ink Absorber pad there is empty in the fluid. There is a crucial part of the Printer, and there is an exact reason behind having a proper functioning ink absorber pad, but it’s a lot easy than you might think. What’s more, the brother printer error 46 is often activated when the ink absorber isn’t full; there is an easy way to eliminate the error and get your Printer up and running again.

What is an Ink Absorber Pad / Why does my Printer Need it?

Ink Absorber familiar in Brother Printer is usually a small sponge pad, and its primary function to accumulate excess or leak ink that affects us during printing work. The ink Absorber Pad also earns any overflow ink that might be divulged when a cleaning procedure is occurring. Printer not working accurately because of the ink Absorber full you will firstly see overflow ink on your prints. The absorber can be changed with a new one, but it will require to be done by a brother printer advisors take printer help from them they give you best guidance related to any queries. So it’s better to perform some simple methods and steps on your own.

The ink absorber pad can be found in the low level of the Printer, and without it, it’s like that your Printer in the end ink leaked and mud your desk or carpet instantly.

So now you have to resolve the Brother Printer error 46 simply. There is two separate procedure for the brother printers that one have a number pad, and others have buttons.

Steps :

Put the Printer Into Service Mode:

1. Firstly, Plug off the power cable from the side of the Printer.

2. Now, wait for some time and the Menu, Set or Start Button it requires to wait for one which is usually the menu button, but if you don’t have a menu tab, then give a try to Set control, it appears like grey or green button or the down arrow.

3. Keep the scroll down, now plug in the power cable again and grasp the button till it shows a maintenance mode notification or “Error 46” on the screen.

4. On your Printer screen it appears “Maintenance”.

If your printer has an LCD screen, then your button needs to hold down as you plug off the Printer will be either ‘Set’, Start and green button or start button. Grasp this button, then plug the power cable and plug inti and still holding the button down. It may take some test and issue to find an accurate button.

So all these above procedures surely help you out with “How To Resolve Brother Printer Error 46”. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly, we will help you out for sure.

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