How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 140

Canon Printer Error 140 is the trouble that appears in the Canon Printer. In the Canon Printer, any kind of problem present in the Printer due to a paper jam in the printer, and internet connectivity is not working accurately. Customers are finding to performing printing with this kind of printer error. Canon Printers are the best leading and foremost company for printers, and they are maintaining goodwill in the market among the users.

Canon Printer Error Code 140

While this type of error occurring, it becomes tricky for the printer to give fine quality prints. It is essential to continue the quality standard of the printer.

Reasons Of The Error Code 140 In Canon Printer:-

Canon Printer Error 140 is the interference occurring in the Canon Printer, and it leads to printer pause situation arises in the printer. Printer helps to scan the documents and play a vital role in printing books, newspapers, and magazines generate information according to the situation. When this error code, you should observe that there are complications in the printer scanner. Customers facing difficulties when they are not completing the printing task and printer scanning because of the printer error.

Instructions To Resolve the Canon Printer Error Code 140:-

It is crucial to have a look after the printer error appears in the printer. The printer is essential to print out documents, scanning, and fax a copy, but sometimes an error occurs, and it should give stoppage in your printing work. So here we are giving you some easy solutions to troubleshoot and check the Canon Printer Error 140:-

Method 1: Discontinue The Printing Process

• Firstly, move to the Start Button.

• Next, navigate the Control panel and then move to the Devices option.

• Now, when the device’s Window is popping out, Press on Printer.

• Choose “Stop Printing.”

Method 2: Change The Ink Cartridge :

• Examine the Ink Cartridge if it is empty or a default ink cartridge.

• If the Ink Cartridge is filled, then the ink cartridge might be full.

• Change the ink cartridge.

• Purchase a New Cartridge from the Own Website of Canon.

Method 3: Inspect The Printer:-

• Firstly, to execute this procedure, reinstall the driver software of the printer.

• Update the latest version of driver software.

• Go to the official website of the Canon Own webpage and fill in the details of the Canon Model.

• Now, Download the upgraded version of the driver software.

• It is necessary to clean the ink cartridge with a dry cloth.

• Next, tap down the reset button at least five times.

• Now, Resting the printer, sort out errors troubling up in the Canon Printer.

• Once you done cleaning the printer, turn on the printer and cancel pending printing commands in the queue.

• Begin with new printing and give scanning commands to examine the error.

• Clean up the encoder strip immediately, so you don’t face any issue of printer pause situation.

• Encoder strip is like a calculating tape present in the printer that tells the head print the printer’s length.

• If the encoder strip is mess up, then you will face this error.

• Take a cloth without fur-free and liquid cleaner to clean up the encoder strip. Doing this step 5-6 times.

• Now, Turn off the printer.

• Wait for some time and switch on the printer.

• Lastly, give a test print and check the error still appears or not.

All these above methods surely help you out with “How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 140“. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly. We will help you out for sure.

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