How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 1401

Canon Printer Error Code 1401 is an error that occurs in the Canon Printer. This type of error makes a distraction for customers who are already working. Canon Printers are giving the best prints, but sometimes trouble is happening automatically, leading to the printer not working. It will damage all the printing quality, so it leads the way for printer pause situation arises. Canon Printer is a brand that gives excellent results and fantastic quality.

Canon Printer Error Code 1401

The printer must perform printing out documents; the printer helps to scan documents and other paper related works. It is the best and simple way to do paper works. Canon Company needs to maintain quality and goodwill among the users.

Problems Related To Canon Printer Error Code 1401:-

Canon Printer Error Code 1401 is an automatic error that complicates the work procedure of the Canon Printer. This type of error code shows on the screen it means due to a defect in the print head. It assists in falling out the ink to a white paper while printing. If this print head gets malfunctioned, then Canon Printer error code 1401 appears in the printer. The main reason behind the print head’s fault is the low and high temperature that breaks to give a good quality print. The Canon Printer Error Code 1401 can also cause identity the issue of the cartridges getting installed in the machine.

Instructions to troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 1401:-

Method 1:- Take Out The Cartridges:

• Firstly, Switch off the printer and wait for some time to be in relaxed mode.

• Examine the cartridges getting defaulting or not.

• Next, change the cartridge to sort out this error.

• Resolve the mistake by purchasing new cartridges.

• Examine the user manual to change the cartridge.

Method 2: Change Old Cartridges:-

• Firstly, Change the old cartridges with the new ones.

• Don’t use old or duplicate cartridges because it creates a printer pause situation if you don’t change old cartridges.

Method 3: Revised the Print Head:-

• Examine the print head is dislocated from the original position.

• Now, open up the printer lid and scrutinize inside the print head, getting dislocate.

• Now, locate back the print head in its position.

Method 4: Clean up the Contacts of the Printer:-

• Cleaning up the Contacts of the Printer will save the printer from getting printer error.

Method 5: Detach all the cartridges:

• Firstly, you should observe the error and then change the cartridge.

• Change the cartridge will make the printer free from the error.

Method 6: Clear up the Contacts:

• Clear the Contacts in the printer.

• You should keep the printer contacts as it is essential to transmit the printer cartridges.

Method 7: Examine the Cartridge Codes :

• Locate the Cartridge inside the printer accurately and carefully.

• Examine the Accurate codes of the machine are located in the colored cartridges.

• You should maintain the code accuracy that controls on Canon Printer Model.

All these above methods surely help you out with “How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 1401“. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly. We will help you out for sure.

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