How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5, 156, 69

Canon Printer Error Code 5,156, 69 is an error that creates difficulty in the printing process. These are the printer error that occurs in the printing device of Canon Printers. Mistakes are the ordinary thing that comes in the printer while you are printing the documents. Those who are using the printer and get the work done, so usually they get irritated due to barrier comes while printing. Canon printers are the finest and leading printers in the market and maintain goodwill.

Canon Printer Error Code 5, 156, 69

But sometimes, this kind of error code present in the printer, like Canon Printer Error Code 5,156, 69, so you can troubleshoot this error with simple solutions.

Reasons For The Canon Printer Error Code 5,156, 69:-

Canon Printer Error Code 5,156, 69 is the issue that appears in a Canon Printer printing process. This type of printer error occurs without any notification. It comes instantly; it leads to the printer not working. Canon Printer Error Code 5,156, 69 can also appear due to the collapse of those troubles to the printer. Printer help in print out documents, scan images, and fax. This error can also occur because of the device’s printer scanner and gadgets getting turn off automatically. One more reason generates this printer error, and it can be the loose connection of the USB Cable. The printer pause situation arises while the printer brings stoppage while printing procedure. These require troubleshooting the process very quickly, or it can damage the quality of the printer. Let’s explain the solutions in the next paragraph of the article.

The process to troubleshoot the Canon Printer Error Code 5,156, 69:-

The Canon Printer Error Code 5,156, 69 brings a barrier in the printing commands of a user. Let us follow the instructions to troubleshoot this error. The below-mentioned procedure is as follows:-

Process 1:-

• Firstly, the user will require to cancel all the prints present in the queue it leads to the printer not working.

• Now, the user will have to switch off the printing device.

• At the moment, wait for some time till the printer comes in a normal position.

• After that, you will require to plug off the USB wires that continue with the operating system.

• Examine out the USB wires as it might get devastated.

• The user now will have to replace the USB with a new cable.

• Now, the user requires to connect the USB cable to the printer.

• Lastly, the device gets ready mode, switch it on, and inspect the error message getting abandon from the printer screen.

Process 2:-

• Firstly, The user will begin the solution. The printer device should be in start mode.

• Examine out for antivirus software getting installed on the computer.

• Next step, uninstall the software from the operating system.

• Once the installation of software is finished, install the software again.

• Now, follow up the steps in an attentive manner and then install the software also.

• Examine out the error notification to get expire from the printing device.

So, all these above steps surely help you out “How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5, 156, 69“. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly. We will help you out for sure.

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