How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5100

Canon printers are universally using in many schools, at workplace, institutions etc. many places are there where the printers are using for printing purposes. When you are using Canon printer there is common trouble is there canon printer error 5100 notification is there. Canon printer error 5100 is a standard error, and the consumer may get aggravate if some crucial work gets frozen due to this error. So here is the printer help guidance is there you can take help from this advice now you got some solutions to your problems.

Canon Printer error 5100

There might be specific reasons for the Canon Printer Error 5100, and you must attempt all the substitute to find out the best satisfactory solution when the printer is not working it frustrating for the users. Now, below are the comprehensive steps that you need to follow to get rid of the Canon printer error 5100. The procedure and clarification are below-mentioned, so have a look at this.

Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100-

When you are starting with the different kinds of various solutions for sort out the Canon Printer Error 5100 first of all, you should examine and reconfirm that no guard is covering still get attached to the printer. Printer error sometimes appears when the printer not accurately fixed, and internet connectivity issues. Most of the times, customers buy a new Canon Printer, and they fail to take out the protective tape/ material of the printer, this results in appears a Canon Printer Error 5100. To sort out this issue follow the below-mentioned process.

• Begin, take a look at whether the protective shield or the tape is a stick in the Fine cartridge, open the output cover paper.

• After opening the cover, if you saw that there is a tape still placed so remove it immediately.

• When you pull out all the unnecessary items, now assure that to close the output cover.

• Resume your printer and survey that after separation the tags, Printer Error Code 5100 is sorted out or not.

Solution 1-

Restoring a FINE Cartridge to Resolve-

You can try following below-mentioned process to get solution of the Canon Printer Error 5100 in any of the Canon Printer Model.

• Assure that the power is switched off, now open the front cover of the printer. Then, open the paper tray in which you placed the paper.

• Afterwards, opening the output paper tray, the FINE cartridge go to replacing position and then the headcover spontaneously opens.

• The further step, is to remove the FINE cartridge and this can be complete by pressing down the Ink Cartridge lever until it clicks.

• Now, take out the old cartridge make ready for put new ink cartridge by pulling it out its packaging and removing its protective shield accurately.

• At the moment, you should install the new FINE cartridge by put it immediately to the cartridge holder till the back and take off the ink Cartridge lever to maintain it in its position.

• After following all the above directions, you should now close the paper output cover and see the error directly has been detaching.

Solution 2-

Fix Paper jams to sort out the Printer Error 5100 –

The Canon Printer Error 5100 because if a paper is jamming in your printer roller, or there is any stuff stuck in the printer which appears your printer to show an error 5100. Now, the below-mentioned steps if the error 5100 is causing due to the paper is jamming.

• Firstly, switch off the machine and take out the cord of the printer.

• After this, turn off the printer, open the paper tray and then the paper cover.

• Observe the location of the jammed paper and set the face of the printer appropriately.

• After setting up the position of the printer, push open the lever and while using your hands manually to support the machine open the conveying unit.

• After this, closing the unit, the next step is to plug in the machine back again in the cord.

• After plugging in, you can restock the paper and print your reports again without any trouble.

So all these above two solutions surely help you out with “How To Resolve Canon Printer 5100”. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly, we will help you out for sure.

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