How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code E02 & E05

Canon Printer Error Code E02 & E05 is the type of error in canon Printer while printing procedures. A printer is an electronic device and gadget that grasp data and convey it by converting them into a text format in the papers. So as the electronic device, printers assist us in various ways. In the worldwide canon, printers are very much famous. Canon printers come up with new ideas and styles, and technology which are made by various companies. A printer scanner can scan the documents and convert them into digital format printing. The printer pause situation arises when the paper is jammed in the feeder. Canon is also one of those companies that are providing you printers with upgraded technology and printing quality.

Canon Printer Error Code E02

Canon Printer Error Code E02 & E05 is that kind of error that appears in canon printer there is a complication arises in the head of the printer. The printer helps in print, scan, and fax the images and documents. As an electronic device, the printer has to go through various kinds of complications, so you have to do proper maintenance from time to time. Some printer error codes may create a disturbance while printing; it leads to a printer pause situation facing the user. In this article, we are going to explaining the canon Printer error Codes E02 and E05. Canon Printer Error Code E02 occurs due to an issue in the print head; it leads to the printer not working. On the other side, Canon Printer Error Code E05 is happened due to trouble related to ink cartridges. So here are we are going to explaining these printer errors mentioned with solutions.

Canon Printer Error Code E02:-

The Canon Printer Error Code E02 appears in the canon printer due to overusing the printer and overheating in the printhead. There are several ways to solve this problem immediately. You can replace the printhead, restore the cartridges, reassemble the print head, switch off the printer, and then detach the print cover.

Canon Printer Error Code E02


Like every complication, it also has a way to solve it by which we can sort out the Canon printer error code E02. So the step by step solution to the Error code E02 is mentioned below:-

• Firstly, you have to switch off the printer, which must be followed by opening the print headcover.

• Now, after that, switch it on, and then you can observe that the cartridges start to move to the left from the right.

• You should shut down the printer cover before the cartridges move to the left and switch on the printer.

• You can also switch your canon printer off for a while.

• Lastly, power it on again and examine if the problem is sorted out or not.

Canon Printer Error Code E05:-


• Firstly, by solving the error code, E05 can be sorted out by following some simple methods. Some of them are mentioned below.

Canon Printer Error Code E05

• You can resolve this by reinstalling the system or reloading the cartridge to eliminate a blockage.

• Now, from the top of your canon printer, detach the cover, and then in the base of the cartridge holder, you can observe two-click locks which you have to press so that the ink cartridge alert you immediately.

• To clean the cartridges, use tissue paper without any fur, and after this, you can reload the ink cartridges in its holder.

So, all these above methods surely help you out. “How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code E02 & E05”. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly. We will help you out for sure.

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