How To Resolve Canon U150 Error | Steps

There is a widespread error with Canon printer U150 Error is occurring with these printers. This U150 error code appears that your printer is unable to recognise to understand the cartridges installed in the printer. Canon Printers are ethical and reliable, but printer error happens with everyone, so don’t be panic.

Resolve Canon U150 Error

There is a Canon Printer U150 Error when you are doing any printing commands or work with printing machine, so it is convenient for all of us with such enlightenment devices available these days. In this Canon Printers devices, these are so amazingly done the printing commands. Still, sometimes there is a printer error occurs because of paper jam in the printer roller and internet connectivity is not working correctly. Sometimes these trouble and complications occur at a most critical time. We are sure that you must have understood these happenings. When you are in hustle-bustle, and you want to take out the printout. But your Canon Printer stops taking your printing commands so it leads to the printer not working & you feel irritated and exasperated. This article is giving you comprehensively knowledge about why this error happens and what we can do sort out this error without any trouble so if you still don’t get the solution so you can take printer help from the advisors they give you proper guidance according to your glitches.

Causes of Canon Printer U150 Error –

There are some causes related to the Canon Printer U150 Error. No trouble is happening without any reason, so the most familiar issue of this is the cartridge is not functioning correctly. It leads to Canon Printer U150 Error showing on the screen.

Canon Printer U150 Error

• Another cause of this error is dust you can see dust and dirt collected on the printer.

• Many times dirt block the critical work that is existing on the front of the computer.

• When you put another brand cartridge in the Canon printer also results in this error, it leads to the printer not working accurately.

• When you change any printer settings in the printer. It automatically changes into low-quality print or low-quality paper it may be blameworthy for this situation.

Steps for Troubleshooting Canon Printer U150 Error –

So here are the below-mentioned instructions that you can follow to resolve the matter.

To make the printer error-free and pursue the work again and you should try below steps to sort out this Error.

Step 1 :

First of all, To beginning the procedure, you should open the cover of the printer.

Step 2 :

Now, you should take out the cartridge and switch off the printer. In this, you should use the buttons available on the printer. Remember, not to turn off the printer.

Step 3 :

Troubleshooting Canon Printer U150 Error

Now, you should locate the cartridge that meant for your printer. Please make sure that you place the right cartridge. It would help if you examined the label on the cartridge before placing it.

Step 4 :

At present, you should also clear the contacts nearby on the forepart of the cartridge. For this, you should use a soft tissue.

Step 5 :

Now, you must turn on the printer by tapping the power button.

Step 6 :

Finally, you should install the cartridge again and assure that the round placed to the correct black & colour option of the crib.

So all these above methods surely help you out with “How To Resolve Canon U150 Error”. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly, we will help you out for sure.

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