How to resolve HP Printer Error Processing Command

HP Printer Processing Command Error Code is occurring when you have printed in the queue so all the pending documents still in the line. HP Printers are one of the most leading and highly used printing devices all over the world by computer users. It is needed by the users for various kinds of requirements such as for at home and office purposes, and in big companies also printers play a vital role in utilising printing machine. When the paper is jammed in the printer, so printer not working occurring. We need a printer machine in every office as every kind of notes in handwritten or something in the mail also handwritten notes.

HP Printer Error Processing Command

Troubleshooting Steps HP Printer Error Processing Command

Solution 1: Resume Print Spooler Services.

Restarting Canon Print Spooler

1. Firstly, Start > Type Services.MSc

2. Find the Print Spooler and press on it.

3. Tap on Stop the Service.

4. After this, wait for 30 seconds and Tap on Start the Service.

5. Now, Shut the window.

Solution 2: Nullify all Pending Documents

low-quality print or low-quality paper

1. Firstly, Go to the Control Panel.

2. Now, Open Printers File.

3. At present, Right-click on the printer and choose an open option.

4. If any documents appear in the printer, then tap on the printer and choose to Cancel all pending documents.

5. Close the Window and resume the computer system.

Note: Now examine the trouble is resolved; otherwise continue troubleshooting.

Solution 3: Installation of Updated Printer Drivers and Software.


1. Firstly, uninstall printer drivers and software from the beginning level.

2. Open Programs and Feature option.

3. Choose your Printer and tap on Uninstall.

4. After this, uninstalling, find and open Devices and Printers.

5. When you open Devices and Printers Screen, now look at your printer. Right-tap on the printer in the list and choose “Delete” or “Remove Device” option.

6. Open up the Run command by tapping “Windows Key +R” keys assemble from the keyboard.

7. Type printui.exe /s and press, OK.

8. Printer server properties tab will open, Choose Drivers Box.

9. Choose for Printer Drivers and tap on it.

10. Choose Remove Button at the bottom and choose OK.

11. Choose to Apply and OK on the print server properties windows.

12. Choose Devices tab and Printers Window.

13. Now, you have to install the upgraded printer software.

14. At the moment, go online and examine printer’s upgraded drivers and install them.

15. So now follow all the above steps and giving a test printout.

Solution 4: Remove Defective Cable.

Brother Printer 0x803c010b error

1. Examine for PC Printer Connection.

2. Examine if there are any detach cable, shattered connection and not the equal paper size or paper type. If this kind of issues still occurring so sort it out.

3. Now give a test print of the document.

So all these above procedures surely help you out with “HP Printer Error Processing Command”. In any case, if you face any difficulties & inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly, we will help you out for sure.

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