Why Canon Printer Show Error Code 006?

The Error Code 006 in Canon Printers shows you the Service Tool running. When you entered into the service mode in your Printer, and you want to run the tool, but it didn’t work for you it shows Printer error and MgO Error code 006, so it shows while printing. The service tool is software which commonly used to restart the Canon Printer.

What are the causes of Canon Printer shows Error Code 006?

There are many causes which can lead to MgO error code 006 in Canon Printers. So below mentioned are the causes of printer error so look on this:

* Sometimes the USB port problem gives trouble to the service tool, and cut out to send commands to the Canon Printer.

* You are entering wrong procedure of entering into the service mode, so Printer helps you by giving useful information on printers book.

* There are complications in Canon Printer Driver, so we have to resolve the issue because of this Printer not working in the usual manner in day to day lives.

* We have to check the printer ink cartridges regularly filled or not sometimes empty cartridges shows MgO error code 006.

* So we have to look over on constant basis that ink cartridges connection is done correctly or not.  So it leads to printer pause because of printer error it delays in Printer not working.

* So the inappropriate way of Service tool, which can’t support your Canon printer so in this we want printer help by following all the instructions on the box. You can also refer to some videos related to the printer error.

How to Solve Canon Printer Error Code 006?

You can attempt the following modes to solve the issues and queries related to MgO error code 006.

unoccupied cartridges

Method 1 –

Ensure that your cartridges filled correctly as unoccupied cartridges might cause service tool MgO error code 006. You must check the internal connections of Printer also.

Method 2-

Always check the cartridges connectors and printer connectors. Assure that Printer is neat and clean. If you saw any patches and marks of stain and leakage, so clean it immediately and got a new cartridge. So dirty cartridges so want a cure and proper care leading to printer error.

Method 3-

* Close the service tool

* Cut off or detach the printer cable or wire from the main switch and computer.

* Hold for 10-15 minutes

* Now resume the printer cable again with the computer and the main switch.

* Turn on the power.

* Go to Control panel

* Search for your device.

* Searching your printer driver.

Searching your printer driver

* On Windows, when you see the “New Device” pop up, click Next

* Open the Service Tool.

* Reset your Canon Printer.

Method 4-

When all the things are working correctly and trouble-free so sometimes MgO error code 006 might be happening so, we don’t realize what’s the problem why we can’t continue. You should instantly uninstall and reinstall the printer drivers. After this turn off the Printer as well because printer error may occur if you switch on the Printer.

Method 5-

Firstly, you should turn off the service tool. Detach all the USB cable connected to the printers so that no further delay in printing because printing not working.  It is right for you to check the connectivity of your Canon Printer with the Service Tool. If the printer error still exists, then you can resume the Service Tool.

Method 6-

You can also download and install the upgraded version of the Service Tool for the Canon Printers, so there is no more MgO error code 006 arises again and again. Afterwards, place your Printer in preservation mode as follows:

* Switch off the Printer

* Then connect the Printer to the computer with a USB cable.

connect the Printer to the computer with a USB cable

* Press the “Resume” button and “Power” button and wait for these buttons till the led light is ON.

* After this release on the “Resume” button, and keep on pressing the “Power” button, Press the resume button 6-7 times.

* Now, free both the buttons.

* Led light will blink and it will stop on its own; this means that you are in preservation mode.

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