Why Canon Printer shows Offline in Windows & Mac

If you are operating Canon Printer from a long time so you can get Canon Printer shows offline error may show up occasionally. There may be a duo of different causes and basis behind your canon printer not working. Let’s reflect on some explanations for it.

Canon Printer shows offline

Now, look at now and follow these easy steps to resolve the issue of printer error showing offline.

  • Examine if the USB Port appropriately fixed.
  • Loo over that your printer is connected and linked correctly.
  • Confirm that the printer appears on the Windows Hardware Section.
  • Ensure that your Wifi is working smoothly and connected to the printer.
  • You will also verify that is your modem is join to the wifi network.
  • If you still get notifications of Canon Printer shows offline error so in this case you need to swap or change of directions to a wired version instead of Wifi.
Examine if the USB Port appropriately fixed.

How To Fix Canon Printer Offline On Windows 10

If you are still thinking about why my canon printer shows offline on Windows 10, then first most essential part is inspected your printer settings and see if everything shows normal. In Canon printer, occasionally complications are arises like printer error sometimes shows because of paper jam in printer roller, printer cleaning is not done time to time it leads to printer error. When your canon printer doesn’t work, you can take printer help, and it guides you according to your trouble in printing. Let’s go with the below-mentioned steps; this will help you out in the printer error.

wifi router and see if it associated with the internet.
  • First, you can resume your wifi router and see if it associated with the internet.
  • Go to the Control panel and after that,
  • Go to the devices option.
  • Tap on Printer settings.
  • A glimpse at the printer status and ensure that it is online.
  • Examine that if there is any print in queue requests. If there are awaiting requests, then first clear the printing commands.
  • Confirm that the printer that you use selected as default.
  • Take a look for the SNMP option and unmark if it already has chosen.
  • If you are using VPN connection, packed it and tried and accessed your printer.

Another solution to your complication in why is my Canon printer shows offline can be linked to the Print spooler Service. To keeping your eye on it and follow the below-mentioned steps:

resume your printer required to handling the printer error.
  • First, resume your printer required to handling the printer error.
  • Initialize or login your system.
  • Go to the main screen, press the Window and the ‘r’ key simultaneously or at the same time.
  • Type in Services.msc and tap on ‘OK’ symbol.
  • A new window will display.
  • Downward to the ‘Print Spooler’ service option.
  • Right-click on it and after this,
  • Resume the service
  • If everything examines, your printer will be aloft and running.

Why is Canon Printer Offline On Mac

If you are using Apple Mac, then you might have come to know about the Canon printer shows an offline error on Mac. When your Canon Printer shows error so sometimes printer pause and stops working it leads to inconvenience caused to users of canon printer. Printer not using properly if connectivity is not acceptable and the network is not functioning appropriately. To resolve this problem and trouble follow these easy, and very convenient steps don’t skip any actions go with sequence wise:

Start screen on your Mac device.
  • Go to the Start screen on your Mac device.
  • Refer to the ‘system preference option’.
  • Tap on the drop-down option.
  • Click on the Print icon.
  • Press the control key and right-click on the Print symbol.
  • Click on reset printing system menu.
  • Click on the +(plus) sign.
  • Click on the add on printer option.
  • Choose the printer that you utilize.

Now you will be able to resume or pursue the printer without any complications.

So all these steps mentioned above surely help you out with “Why Canon Printer shows Offline in Windows & Mac”. In any case, if you find any issues or inconvenience while representing, don’t delay and connect with us instantly, we will help you out for sure.

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